Sunday, July 12, 2009

You Know You Love Me

After I'm through with it, your beloved Stardoll won't ever be the same.

Coming Soon.

Gossip Girl


Lizzi_95 said...

Intresting blog.

Iina said...

You are crazy.

you're a wannabe said...

Oh WHATEVER! lol this is beyond lame and pathetic, it's laughable! :D

TheRandomer said...

My idea lol!
Good luck with the blog!

StyleWatch_ said...

What really seems to be a funny gossip story is your failed attempt at trying to be charming, smart, and a pretend character. Honey, take advice from someone knowledgeable; Quit before you tarnish your already horrid reputation.

Remember, not all of us are born journalists.


P.S Take your own advice, "Gossip Girl"

Serena. said...

Darling, Your a syco bitch.
Please get some help.

Muah, i wish you all the best in the future and i hope your mental illness gets better soon.

Just for Gossip Girl! said...

You try to impress with your grammar and perfect writing... Guess what? It's not working.
serena. is right: Go get some help. Or if you can't, try not ti comment for a change, instead of insulting people like you don't care. I would like to see what you would do if somebody insulted you on a hard-worked blog, unlike this trash.

Anonymous said...

hi teale

Hater said...

Love you?
Keep dreaming.
You sound like a low-life idiot to me.

Gossip Girl said...

When are you going to start blogging, wannabe?

xoxo Gossip Girl

The real GG website, visit here:

SHIT said...

Ahahahahha this is so shit! Delete it before you taint the name of my favourite TV show.

Anonymous said...

Start blogging wannabe..

Swedish_Hilton said...

Through with what? Start blogging or delete this crap.

Stardoll And Me said...

Who do you think you are!

you know you love me xoxo
"gossip girl"
so are you a upper east side brat then?

WorstDesigns! said...

You have nothing posted.

talkzi1213 said...

When are you actually gonna start posting???

BurnBookBitch said...

Darling, You're a little girl who wants to destroy everybodys reputation. When the fuck are you going to start blogging? NEVER!

Sweetie, your a tri-hard, stop being a wannabe and a tri-hard and GO AND GET a life :]

Babii-Mariex said...

Hahahaha, your taking your time with these blog, no? Its been what.. about a year since this post and you still havent started?


Diva_Always said...

Is it even worth it to comment here? Your'e delusional and full of shit... and you prey on these young writers who are just trying to be a blogger or get the experience.
So hey, stay away from PSG if you just come to hate because I will delete every one of your comments as if you were never there anyway!

Anonymous said...

Awh bout time this happened cmon then start doin somethin

Uri Olivas said...

You have nothing posted. hahaha.