Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Spotted: The Elites of yesteryear making quite the splash on our Virtual Playground over the weekend. G shedding her long, luscious locks in exchange for a pretty pixie cut reminiscent of Mia Farrow circa Rosemary’s Baby. The once reigning Queen, S returning to reclaim her throne? We certainly hope so; things have been mighty dreary without S’s brand of dry theatrics.


Gossip Girl


Anonymous said...

G will be a fugly bitch no matter wat she does to her hair, as for S, is she still alive?

Actually... said...

^ I actually think Gemma is pretty... for a virtual doll.

Anonymous said...

Style_Magazine coming to return to her thrown?
Okay? If this is gossip we need DETAILS! You can't just say "she's returning to her thrown" because we don't know what the fuck she is doing and your confusing your readers.

Britney said...

I happen love Gemma's new hair. I think it suits her so much more! Besides, a change every now and then is always good.


Anonymous said...

She looks cute!! And I think you should write an article on the nasty fight in Ciaraleanne's guestbook involving both Charlotte (N1mka4eva) and Ciaraleanne. !!

tasnimc said...

Gemma looks sweet.
I did not happen to witness the Style's reign so this will all be intersting.

Wonderland said...

You're pretty much the only person who missed Style, most people barely noticed when she left. There are more magazines now that are just as good/BETTER than hers and her magazine was all she had, she has no personality or redeemable qualities to speak of. Cleverly photo-shopped images will only get one so far.

Anonymous said...

you mean the absolutely RIDICULOUS fight between Charlotte (N1mka4eva) and Ciaraleannein in ciaraleannein's guestbook about whos taller, whos got more friends and who is smarter?
that fight was so big and stupid that it wasnt even entertaining, it was more like a mexican soap opera that NEVER ends

Anonymous said...

Can you actually write their names? Or maybe their me-doll names right beside the letter.. in parentheses?
It is actually really, really confusing.
Hard to keep up.

Anonymous said...

i think this is pretty pointless, i couldn't care less about what the 'stardoll elite' (haha for real?!?) are doing as i dont know them... but i think GG is so awesome and sounds like the real gg in the books :)